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The Assault upon Christians Continues

This past Easter Sunday radical Islamic extremists targeted three churches and three hotels where tourists were known to stay on the island of Sri Lanka.  Almost simultaneously suicide bombers detonated their devices in those six locations.  Over three hundred people were murdered and another nearly 500 were injured.  What a strategic time for suicide bombings!  Easter Sunday when churches around the world are filled with worshipers celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  Entire families were murdered.  Young children were numbered among the dead, as were several foreigners. 

The attacks on Sunday were just the latest in a series of assaults upon places of worship around the world.  Last month it was Muslim mosques that were targeted in New Zealand.  In France, Jewish synagogues and Protestant churches have been targeted.  Even in our country places of worship have not been exempted from the assaults by radicals.  With the exception of the Antarctica, every continent continues to exp…

More Evidence of the Last Days This Easter Season

Oh so much is happening during this Holy Week.  On Monday a massive fire threatened to engulf the centuries old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  This ancient church is a symbol of Christianity not only in France but across Europe.  The fire is still under investigation, but already there are conspiracy theories about how it started.  Fortunately, many of the relics housed within Notre Dame were saved including what is purported to be the actual crown of thorns that Jesus wore as part of His Passion.  The results of this investigation will certainly bear watching over the course of the next weeks and possibly months.  Remember, France is already a nation under siege from its Muslim immigrants and from the Yellow Jacket protesters. 

I read a couple of fascinating articles this past week concerning the world of medicine.  The first is an article, written by Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman and published by The Jerusalem Post.  It can be found at:…

A Postscript to Israel's Election

For the past few days many eyes have been on the nation of Israel as national elections were held yesterday.  The pre-election polls showed a very tight race between the Likud Party, under the leadership of Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the Blue and White Party, under the leadership of former military chief of staff Bennie Gantz.  With approximately 98% of the vote counted, as of Israel time this morning, both the Likud and Blue and White parties have won 35 seats each in the 120 seat Knesset.  In other words they tied and both Netanyahu and Gantz declared victory. 

However, and here is where Israeli politics gets very interesting, Netanyahu will be asked to form a new government. This request will be made in the coming days by President Reuven Rivlin.  Now if there is a tie between these two men, then why would Netanyahu be asked to form a government?  It is because more parties that consider themselves right-of-center won seats in the Knesset than those that consider themselves lef…

The Middle East is Worth Watching Right Now

I want to apologize for not getting a blog out last week.  For some strange, inexplicable reason, my blog became "frozen in time."  I could bring up the old postings, but could create no new postings.  Even one of our techies here at church could not figure it out.  So, we will begin with a new blog site.  Hopefully this will get to all my readers.  Those who read the postings on Facebook should not have any difficulty.  Others can link directly from our church's web page.  That is

Wow!  There is so much happening in the world right now one wonders where to begin.  So, let's begin where history will come to a climax - in the Middle East.  Last week President Trump signed a proclamation whereby the United States formally recognized Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, territory that was captured from Syria during the 1967 Six Day War.  It was also recaptured during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.  Since that time Israeli communities have bee…