The Bible and the Constitution Under Attack

A friend of mine sent me an article this past week that has resonated within my heart.  The article was written by Robin Smith and can be found at:  I would like to share a few portions with you.  But I challenge you to link and read the article in its entirety. 

"Today, we constitutional conservatives must either arm ourselves with the Truth of the battle being fought against us or lose ground daily.  While the tactic employed on the political Left of framing the opposition as extremists is standard operational procedure, it results in conservatives being marginalized and polarized as 'dangerous.'

"Last week in an NBC News piece, 'The Cult of the Constitution,' a book written by Mary Anne Franks was promoted to be a reasonable view.  Yet when distilled down to its simplest elements, Franks argues that if you believe in the fundamentals of the Constitution, just as in the fundamentals of the Bible, you're an extremist and your radical positions don't create a better country.  In fact, contends article author Noah Berlatsky, those of us who believe in the Bible and Rule of Law as foundational to our lives 'will create a worse one..

"The title of the piece clearly warns the reader: 'Like the Bible, the Constitution can be a harmful document in the wrong hands.'  Let's start there.  Compare that, again, the political Left takes the posture that anything in the hands of any individual that's not government-controlled, sanctioned by the thought police of the self-described tolerant population of 'progressives' or from their world of equity from redistribution and faux fairness is dangerous.  A gun is dangerous.  The Bible is dangerous.  The Constitution is dangerous.  Earned wealth is dangerous.  Private property is dangerous.  The pursuit of happiness is dangerous.  Liberty is dangerous.  To the world of the disgruntled victims, yes, most everything is dangerous - even life itself.

"But ideology is especially dangerous, since it's the fuel that runs the combustible engine of activity that separates those who are makers, capable of self-reliance, self-governance, and independence from the growing mass that ebbs and flows as one malcontented mash of dependents who take from others in their devotion to social justice that is simply prettied-up socialism. 

Now comes a quote from Ms. Franks that is alarming.  "While Franks seems to recognize selectivity as a tool used by both sides of the political aisle, she makes no effort to hide her wide embrace of societal privilege that is bestowed upon white men.  She writes, 'The fundamentalist reading of the Constitution, especially of the First and Second Amendments, produces the same effect.  The most powerful and privileged people in America - white men - cast themselves as an underclass engaged in a protracted struggle against the women and minorities seeking to censor and disarm them.'

"Franks hangs her framing on the peg of the Fourteenth Amendment, which establishes equal protection of the law guaranteed for all citizens.  Franks, in her own reasoning, utilizes the parallel of salvation - the belief that those who accept that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate penalty required of all sin by a righteous God live lives that are separate, distinct and are saved: 'I wrote this book to advocate for the position that the only rights any of us should have are the rights that all of us should have.  If only some of us are saved, all of us are lost.'  And, there it is.  Equity of results.  All or none."  Those who are champions for universalist salvation certainly love that argument!

The author of this article, Robin Smith, then closes with these words: "Franks misses the fact that some are saved through belief and a decision to embrace, follow, and observe through lives committed to our Christian faith, but all are given equity of opportunity.  Similarly, all are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.  All U.S. citizens are also given rights.  However, individuals must choose to embrace these rights as gifts to employ for personal growth, existence, and authentic Liberty, not rights to be granted by a government entity in efforts to develop a permanent dependency of its population to the State."

Friends, this is the world in which we are living.  This is the reality of our times.  This is what happens when a culture makes the decision to separate itself from absolute Truth.  This is what happens when a culture has lost its way.  The Bible, the revelation of God Himself to mankind, becomes offensive and limiting.  The Constitution, the greatest governmental document ever written, becomes offensive and limiting.  If the Bible is attacked, then it is little wonder that the United States Constitution is also attacked, for the Constitution has as its foundation principles discovered within the Bible.  In the eyes of those on the Left, there is no need of a Bible and there is no need of a Constitution.  In the eyes of the Left, the day of the "white male who is conservative, biblical, and heterosexual" are over.  They need to get out of the way.  I was with a group a few weeks ago and one of the members of the group said to me, "I feel at times that I need to apologize because I am a white male."  That very thought is an indictment upon our times.

Those of you who read these weekly thoughts know that I often state that we are living in Isaiah 5 days - where right is wrong and wrong is right; where good is evil and evil is good.  As I listen to the political candidates today, I am fearful that the ultimate destination is anarchy - living in the Judges 21 days where every man did that which was right in his own eyes.  And the closer we get to that anarchy happening, then I believe the announcement of an Antichrist will be near - the man who will purport to save mankind from itself. 


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