"The Hunt" - A Movie That Is UnAmerican

We know we live in a world of violence.  In my last blog I wrote about the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.  There seems to be no stopping of the killing of innocents in the United States.  Just ask the residents living on the west and south sides of Chicago.  Just ask residents living in the urban communities of Baltimore and Detroit. 

Political pundits quickly accused President Trump of creating an environment of hate from which these mass shootings evolved.  But when I read about a movie that Universal Pictures had scheduled to release on September 27, my anger was stirred.  Because of the outrage over the El Paso and Dayton murders, Universal Pictures has since pulled this movie from its scheduled release date.  The movie was titled, "The Hunt."  The movie tells the story of a group of liberal elitists who are flown to an island.  On that island are twelve "deplorables" who become the "game" for these liberal hunters.  Yes, you guessed correctly that those "deplorables" were conservatives. 

Jeff Crouere, a writer for the Canada Free Press, wrote a very interesting article about the hatred of Hollywood toward the conservative element in American life.  You can find this article at: www.canadafreepress.com/article/hollywood-hate-exposed-in-the-hunt.  He writes, "In their movies, this politically correct industry (referring to Hollywood) depicts liberals as heroes and conservatives as idiots and villains.  Surely, more of the same narrative was in store for viewers of 'The Hunt.'  Fortunately, for the time being, the country will be spared another heavy-handed political message masquerading as 'entertainment.'  Delaying the film's release was also a reprieve for the family members of the innocent victims of the recent massacres in California, Ohio and Texas, who need time to grieve.  It was especially unfortunate that several weeks after over 30 innocent people were killed and dozens of other people were injured by maniacal gunmen, Universal Pictures was planning to release a movie about a group of conservatives being gunned down by liberal adversaries." 

Mr. Crouere concludes his article with these words: "The movie is billed as 'entertainment,' but, obviously represents the fantasy of many in Hollywood for 'deporables' to be eliminated.  It was the dreaded 'deporables' who elected Donald Trump as President and caused so much heartache for liberal Hollywood.  Eliminating such people in 'The Hunt', is just the type of 'satire' some of these vile leftists want to see on screen.  Only sick Hollywood executives could create such a movie and try to market it to millions of Americans.  This is another reminder that this industry regularly introduces filth into our culture.  This is an industry that is constantly preaching about the evils of guns and the epidemic of gun violence.  Yet, all too often, Hollywood produces movies and television shows that are riddled with gore and bloodshed.  Many of the major stars who use social media to decry gun violence appear in movies brandishing high powered weapons and committing horrific acts of violence.  This is an industry that bears some responsibility for the violence in our society today, but instead of accepting blame it is always pointing fingers at the NRA and Republican politicians such as President Trump.  Hypocrisy they name is Hollywood."

Friends, it is very hard for me to even imagine that anyone would want to create a movie with that scenario.  Has our nation become so filled with hatred that license is given to express that hatred in such a movie?  Is the gulf between differing political philosophies so great that one group seeks the annihilation of the other group?  If, in the eyes of many, guns are the problem in America, then why the glorification of gun violence on both the big and small screens?  Why doesn't Hollywood lead the way in reducing gun violence by not producing movies and television shows that are laden with gun violence?  I guess it is easier to talk than to act, yet actions speak louder than words. 

In a world filled with such hatred, Jesus has commanded us that our light is to shine brightly.  Our salt is to preserve truth.  Our lives are to demonstrate that there is another way.  The love of Jesus does change lives.  The love of Jesus does bring reconciliation.  The power of Jesus can change a man's heart from hatred to love.  Now that would be a story worthy of a Hollywood production.  We see a few of them from time to time, but not nearly enough. 


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