Are the Prophetic Texts Coming True?

As I begin writing this afternoon, a brief update on the ongoing saga of elections in Israel.  As I shared with you last week the acting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to form a coalition government.  That forced Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to mandate Benny Gantz, the former army chief of staff and leader of the Blue and White Party to form a government.  As of the writing of this blog, Mr. Gantz has been unable to create a coalition government.  If there is no break through in the next two weeks, then it is entirely possibly and very probable that President Rivlin will mandate new national elections - Israel's third in less than a year.  This would be unprecedented in Israeli history. 

So, at the moment, Prime Minister Netanyahu is the acting head of a government that truly does not exist.  The Knesset is open, but there is no one to give leadership in matters of national importance.  And while this is going on, Israel's neighbors to the north (Hezbolah in Lebanon) and to the southwest (Hamas in the Gaza Strip) continue to be bellicose.  The leaders of both Hezbolah and Hamas have threatened to flood Israeli communities with barrages of rockets. Even though Israel has one of the most sophisticated anti-missile systems in the world, The Iron Dome, many rockets would be able to penetrate those defensive barriers.  Israel is lacking in leadership right now.

I came across a very interesting interview with Anne Graham Lotz that was published on the website.  It was titled, "Anne Graham Lotz: Trump Removing Troops from Syria Could Lead to 'Last of the Last Days.'"  "Anne Graham Lotz, often called 'the best preacher in the family' by her late father Rev. Billy Graham, said that President Donald Trump's decision to pull troops from Syria could be part of a divine plan that could herald 'the last of the Last Days.'

"'Whether the president is aware of it or not, God has placed him in office,' Lotz said during an Oct. 30 interview on The Jim Bakker Show.  'The Bible tells us that [about leaders], that He puts people in office.'

"Mrs. Lotz was a bit perplexed by the president's decision to leave Syria, which leaves the Kurdish community exposed to Turkey.  'I'm like a lot of people - what in the world is going on?' Lotz said during an excerpt from the hour-long program.  'But because I believe God has used him, whether he knows it or not, I believe like King Cyrus or others in the Old Testament, Nebuchadnezzar, God uses them,' the evangelist and best-selling author said.  'So I thought, has God caused him to go against all his advisers, all the military people, and done something that God wanted him to do - whether he knows it's God or not, maybe he's just bullheaded or stubborn or somebody rubbed him wrong?'

"It was then that Lotz brought up Ezekiel 38 and its prophesy about a still-pending battle.  'There is a war that is predicted, that has never happened,' she said.  'When Gog, the prince of Magog - who some people believe is Putin in Russia - they come down from the north and they align with Turkey and Syria...and the Sudan and Libya and then they come up and they go against Israel.  Ezekiel 38 says, 'God has done it,' because He's bringing them against Jerusalem because He is going to judge them and He's going to destroy them.'"

Lotz then offered up a possible scenario for the recent developments in Syria.  'So I wondered, did God move Trump to move Americans out of the way, freeing up Russia to come down like the Bible says they will?' she posed.  'Then a friend who is in the news business sent me a picture of our American base in northern Syria that, the day after we left, was filled with Russian troops and they had moved into our base.  They are now in northern Syria.  So I'm just wondering if it's like a chessboard and if the pieces are being moved to set up maybe the last of the last days.'"

Friends, make no mistake about it.  God is in complete control in the Middle East.  And it is His purposes and plans that will be accomplished. 


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