You've Got to be Kidding, Right?

Temperatures are rising in the Middle East as old conflicts seemingly escalate near a boiling point.  Early yesterday morning, Israeli Air Force planes conducted a surgical strike deep into the Gaza Strip.  Their target was Baba Abu al-Ata, one of the senior military leaders of Islamic Jihad.  Al-Ata and his wife were killed in the attack.  Prime Minister Netanyahu had described al-Ata as "the chief terrorist in Gaza."  He had been responsible for many of the rocket attacks upon Israel in the past.  Almost immediately the Palestinians retaliated with a barrage of nearly 200 rockets yesterday, mainly causing minimal damage within southern Israel, although creating a sense of fear among the Israeli citizens living near the border.  Could this be the beginning of a fourth Israeli-Palestinian War?  The last one was in 2014 and lasted for 50 days.  This escalating conflict comes at a time when Israel has only a caretaking government as neither Prime Minister Netanyahu nor his opponent Benny Gantz has been able to create a coalition government.  As I have shared before, keep your eyes focused upon the Middle East as history will be completed there.

Now for a couple of stories that can only be described as "you've got to be kidding, right?"  I found a very interesting article on the Punching Bag Post that caused me to stop and read.  It was titled, "Social Justice Warriors in Seattle Propose to 'Re-Humanize' Grade School Math."  The author was Alice Green.  "The Seattle school district has proposed a controversial framework for K-12 math classes that asks students to debate ethnic-studies questions.  The goal?  To 're-humanize mathematics through experiential learning.'  Seattle's proposal portrays 'math' as something that was appropriated by Western culture from people of color and used in systems of power and oppression.  Discussion topics include: How has math been used to oppress and marginalize people of color?  Who really holds the power in a math classroom?  How has math been used to free people from oppression?  How do standardized testing systems marginalize people of color?  How can math be used to promote resistance and liberation? 

"Seattle's proposal is part of a nationwide effort to incorporate ethnic studies into other subjects.  If all goes according to plan, Seattle's ethnic studies team will have similar frameworks for all subjects submitted to the board for review by June."  One math teacher responded, "We all want students of color to be included, believe they can learn math, and see themselves as mathematicians. But you don't need to talk about liberation and oppression and how Western mathematics has somehow taken over.  It just turns people off and makes the goal of being inclusive that much tougher."  I loved what one Seattle radio host said, "Did you realize when you subtracted one number from another that you were disenfranchising people by using Western math?"  You can only scratch your head and say, "You've got to be kidding, right?"

The second article was published by Answers in Genesis, and written by Ken Ham.  You can find it at:  Friends, in this article Dr. Ham again exposes the foolishness of the evolutionary theory.  He writes: "If' you've ever smelled a meteorite, it probably didn't have much of an aroma.  But that's not the case with the newest addition to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.  This four-pound visitor from outer space (a rare stony meteorite that is called a carbonaceous chondrite) crashed down in Costa Rica's Alajuela province back in April.  And when scientists received the sample, it smelled distinctly like Brussels sprouts!  Why - and what does that have to do with creation and evolution?

"Well, to answer that question, I'll share some of the text from the article, answering the question as to why the meteorite smells like a vegetable: This odor comes from organic compounds such as amino acids.  Billions of years ago, malodorous meteorites like this were likely what seeded Earth with the building blocks of life, and Field Museum scientists will study the smelly rock for clues about the materials that shaped our solar system."

Dr. Ham continues: "So, meteorites from outer space with organic compounds crashed into earth and seeded life on this planet?  That shows how desperate evolutionists are to solve the bewildering question of the origin of life: they must appeal to rare meteorites with organic compounds as the start to life.  But do organic compounds get evolutionists any closer to the origin of life?  No! 

"Life requires information and a code system - and that's DNA.  The DNA molecule forms the building blocks of life.  DNA is a complex language system that codes for an incredible amount of information.  Everything needed to make you 'you' is encoded in your DNA from the moment of fertilization.  And not only does life need information - it needs a code, a language system to read that information.  And neither information nor a language system can arise by naturalistic processes.  Information always comes from information and ultimately from a Mind."

Dr. Ham concludes: "This meteorite might tell us about outer space and what's out there.  But it won't tell us anything about the evolution of our solar system or the origin of life.  If we want to know that, look to God's Word.  It gives us the true history of the earth, life, and the universe."  To that I will say a hearty "Amen!"

On Wednesday mornings I have the privilege of meeting with a dozen men for study.  We are going through The Truth Project, which is an amazing video series on worldview and apologetics.  I whole-heartedly endorse this series for any small group or any Bible study group that wants to better understand the world in which we live and to which we are commanded to be salt and light.  The focus for our study this morning was on asking the question: "Does Darwinianism (evolution) truly represent the world of reality?"  The answer is that it does not!  If we use the "Brussels sprout meteorite" as an example, the logical question to ask an evolutionist is simply this: Where did the Brussels sprout-type meteors come from to seed life on planet earth?  That is an unanswerable, or at least a very difficult question to answer, for them. 

Friends, we live in an amazing world, yet a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to the things of God.  May we shine brightly as lights and impact significantly as salt.


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